Toddlers’ Derby Description

When it comes to the Toddler’s Derby, there is no moment of Carnival as touching as crawlers making their way to the finish line, as at any moment, one may be diverted from the course by a preferred parent or acquaintance standing on the sideline. What parents do to get their children to finish the race becomes an entertaining treat in itself. There are fascinating schemes and gimmicks to get the children to cross the finish line that ranks among the most amusing moments of Carnival. If you have difficulty getting your child to do what you want, a strategy is right there waiting for you at the Derby.

There are other races that follow where toddlers and older children are evenly matched and they sprint across a fifteen-yard course to the finish line. Prizes and trophies are awarded after all of these races. This is a free event and serves as a great opportunity for the family to bond and enjoy Carnival together.

Best Dressed as a Doll Description

The Children Activities’ afternoon begins with a Doll Contest where you may just want to reach out and cuddle each contestant. Adults prepare creative costumes according to the Carnival theme, depicting famous people, animals, wonders of the world, or characters of fantasy. The children are paraded across the stage in a choreography, which matches each child’s portrayal. These contestants enjoy the admiration of parents and supporters cheering for them as they all do their best to become the child “best dressed as a doll!”

Junior Calypso Competition Description

School aged children compose and render songs in a competition of rigid standards. Sovereigns and runners-up are selected and awarded enticing prizes in several categories. The costumes, lyrics, presentations and dramatizations make this a superb, impressive and fun event.

Since 1977 when it was started by Mrs. Thyra Hodge Smith, this favored event has been the springboard from which a variety of singers have emerged. Some of these contestants and winners have gone on to professional singing careers, both locally and abroad. It has served as an avenue for youths to direct their creative energies. For months before this event, seasoned calypsonians and music instructors come together to work with the contestants to refine their lyrics, singing, stage presence and confidence. On the night of the show, like high energy athletes, they can be seen backstage jostling each other, encouraging one another and just rearing to go. Their topics range from school.

Pre-Teen Tramp Description

There is an event during Virgin Islands Carnival that is available for every age group. During the Pre-Teen Tramp, youngsters twelve and under, tramp their way from Market Square to Roosevelt Park. The beautiful sounds of steel pan music create the excitement for this street party for students from various schools. The school with the largest number of participants wins the coveted trophy.

Children’s Parade Description

The Children’s Parade is the highlight of Carnival for the children of the Virgin Islands. This is their opportunity to showcase their costumes and perform their routines. They have been rehearsing for months and their excitement is fantastic! The children begin at Rothschild Francis Square and dance their way up Main Street to Lionel Roberts Stadium with much spirit and energy, to the delight of their parents, family members, supporters and the many spectators who line the parade route.

The parade is led by the Grand Marshall and the Virgin Islands Carnival Prince and Princess and their court. They are followed by children ranging from toddlers to teens, in various entries of other royalty, Majorettes, Clowns, Indians, Troupes, Floupes, Floats and marching bands. The melodious sound of steel pan music is heard throughout the Children's Parade, as most schools have their own steel band. Music is also provided by other popular bands and DJs.

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